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Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews: Climb in style with these Top Rated Deer Stands

Summit Openshot SD Treestand Review

Hunting is a sport that requires certain elements to be as close to perfect as possible, one of the greatest and most important being stealth. the hunter that is quiet and unnoticed has a much better chance of taking home a kill, especially when hunting in areas that are remote and far from white, background noises like roadway traffic or animals on large farms.

The deer or bear living in quieter remote area not only have a great sense of smell, but also a sense of hearing uninterrupted by the sounds of civilization. The little noises you make can have a negative impact on your luck for getting a kill. For being able to carry a light load, helpful for being quitter, check out this Summit Openshot SD treestand review.

Summit Openshot SD Treestand Review

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The Summit Openshot SD Is Lightweight
If you have ever climbed a tree carrying a heavy tree stand, you can certainly appreciate having one that is lightweight. Some tree stands are heavy and can be cumbersome during climbing, not to mention tiring you out before you get your stand in the tree and assembled. Consider how lugging a heavy stand up a tree will cause your breathing to become labored and louder as well. The Summit Openshot SD stand is light, allowing you to climb as though you were not carrying anything up with you. Bear in mind this stand has a weight limit of 300 hundred pounds and does comes with a five year warranty as well.
Easy Set Up Is Enhanced With Durable Safety Features
Remaining as quiet as possible while in the treetops is easier when using a tree stand that is simple to unfold and set up. For around a cost of $320.00USD, this Summit stand comes complete with the following features, some of them you can count on for providing you the most comfortable and safest seat:

  • A four point safety harness complete with RapidClimb stirrups. You will also get straps, hardware, ropes and pads needed for complete comfort and safety.
  • This stand has a comfortable folding seat that sits upon a four channel platform made out of strong, durable aluminum.
  • The manufacturers of this stand understand the need for being quiet in the hunting field, the reason this Summit stand is enhanced with sound deadening technology. Using this stand will help you quietly blend into the forest like no other tree stand can.





Blending Into the Trees
Hunting entails you, the greatest natural enemy of every creature in the forest, being able to successfully blend into the woods. You will need to remember to wear camouflage while also covering your scent. When covering your scent, be sure to also add other scents of the species of animals you want most to locate. Animals calls can also help you appear as one of the crowd, so learning more about the sound devices you can use for mimicking a deer or other animal is important for not only blending in, but also for attracting as well.
Final Verdict 

I personally recommend the Summit Openshot SD tree stand because for the price, you get the lightweight benefits you need while also getting great safety features. Tree climbing can be strenuous work, so knowing you can count on your stand for being light, easy to maneuver and sit in is important and a great feeling when you are high in the treetops.