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Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews: Climb in style with these Top Rated Deer Stands

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand Review

Hunters planning a trip that includes a lot of hiking for reaching the hot spots of deer or boar might think about choosing the lightest equipment, especially the lightest and most durable tree stand.

Making the right choices about tree stands can be challenging because you want one that is not only lightweight, but also durable and safe. If you are looking for a lightweight climbing treestand, checking out the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II climbing tree stand is worthwhile.

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Stand Review 
Great Lightweight Benefits
Weighing 17 and a half pounds and costing around $370.00USD, the Lone Wolf Hand Climber is easy to carry while hiking a long way and while climbing to the perfect spot you find in the treetops as well. This stand folds up to a five inch pack and is easily carried on your back without compromising your posture or being heavy enough to cause back pain. However, while this stand offers exceptional weight benefits, it also offers plenty of room when unfolded for the hunter planning a long day in the trees.
Archers And Platforms
Archers can certainly benefit from the Lone Wolf hand Climber due to its sturdy platform, offering the enough room to position correctly in an archer stance. Bear in the impact your stance has on your shots when considering tree stands that have smaller platforms deigned more for sitting than anything else. This stand has a comfortable seat with contoured cushioning for those times you may have to wait out your targets, another benefit that can enhance your hunting experience. Other great benefits for serious hunters include:
  • 6 point harness system increases your safety
  • Includes a cast bow holder
  • Includes bungee and back straps for greater stability and safety
  • Can support up to 350 pounds

Getting The Most Out Of Your Hunting Trips
The equipment you take with you on any hunting trip is a huge determining factor in much more than just you being able to get a good shot. Consider your need for comfort, especially during trips that require you walking a few miles into the woods. Maybe the area you love to hunt on is rocky and also requires you to do some rock climbing as well. You will have your backpack with food and water in addition to your hunting equipment. If you are hiking into an area for an overnight hunt, you might also have your tent in your pack. Making sure your tree stand is as light as possible while also being durable is an extremely important consideration for you to enjoy your time out hunting.
Should I buy the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Stand?

When it comes to hunting comfortably, I personally recommend the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing tree stand. If you are the hunter that enjoy long trips out, this stand will allow you to carry less weight and you will have the security offered by the 6 point harnessing system as well. The excitement you may experience when a buck walks out into a clear shot, you want to know your stand is going to take the movement of you taking the shot. Learning more about this stand is a good idea if you are looking for comfort and a stand that offers enough platform space for getting the one shot you do not want miss.