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Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews: Climb in style with these Top Rated Deer Stands

Popular and Best Selling Lightweight Climbing Tree Stands Reviewed

With hunting season right around the corner, finding the right lightweight climbing tree stand is vital for most hunters. Most of the lighter climbing tree stands are composed of an aluminum frame and are designed to be comfortable and easy to carry for short and long distances. 
Many hunters want to know what the lightest climbing tree stand is, because a light stand comes with increased portability, easy to use design, and the ability to travel farther in order to get in the best spot to hunt. They are also easy to setup and takedown; a fact that is very important for hunters on public land who cannot leave their tree stands unattended overnight.
There are a number of lightweight climbing tree stands to choose from, making it very difficult for some hunters to determine which one is best for their needs. The following examines and compares two of the most popular tree climbing seats currently available on the market.
Summit Openshot SD Tree Stand  
Summit Openshot SD Treestand Review 

Weighing only 15 pounds and constructed from aluminum, the Summit Openshot SD Tree Stand is ideal for individuals who prefer to do their hunting from deep within the woods.  
It offers all direction visibility and is equipped with a unique seat that easily folds up when you need to stand up against the tree.  
Outfitted with a 4 point safety harness, Rapid Climb stirrups, sound deadening technology, and all the needed ropes, straps, hardware, and pads, it comes preassembled and includes Summit’s Five Year Limited Warranty.
Compact, portable, and comfortable to carry over long distances, it can safely hold up to 300 pounds.
The Summit Openshot is designed to fit trees that are 8 to 20 inches in diameter. 
It is currently priced as low as $319.99. 
Included with your purchase are an instructional/ safety DVD and written instructions.
Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand 
Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Stand Review 
Weighing only 17.5 pounds, the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II is a versatile tree stand that can be used for bow hunting and much more. It is a one piece cast aluminum platform with a 3D camouflage design that can easily hold up to 350 pounds.
The Lone Wolf is designed to fit trees ranging from 6 to 19 inches in diameter, though longer traction belts can be purchased separately. It is simple to use, is ultra quiet and durable, and includes a 6 point fall arrest system.
Priced as low as $362.99, the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II includes one Bungee strap. It can accommodate most backpack straps and parallel limb bows. Currently, Lone Wolf offers a limited lifetime warranty on all castings and a limited one year warranty on all parts and components.
Which One is the Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stand?
After comparing price, specifications, and warranties, as well as reading numerous user reviews, the Summit Openshot SD Tree Stand comes out slightly ahead. Although it has a lower price, it offers the best warranty plan.
In addition, it is very lightweight, yet can easily hold a large man or woman. It is quiet and designed for easy portability. Overall, it is an excellent climbing tree stand that will easily become a favorite of any hunter.